Training programs

Coach yourself at work

A one day program with direct result
The personal development training be a playmaker has been developed for people who want to have more grip on their work. People who want to take charge to feel energetic, grow and perform in their job role.

In this one day program you develop the right mind-set, knowledge and skills to thrive at work. You will unlock how you can make best use of your values, your purpose, your abilities and talents to create a more fulfilled working life. Say good bye to surviving your work day and welcome a working life that matters

Lead yourself and your culture

Lead yourself and your culture is a program for ambitious CEO’s, directors and busineowners who want to strengthen their leadership and better connect their people with the company.  

In this in-person one day, highly interactive personal leadership program you create the foundation for a culture in which people take ownership, are intrinsically motivated, deliver excellence to customers and increasing their effectiveness and work enjoyment on daily basis.


Bring your business to the next level

The Next level program is the full immersion business impact program to fulfill your company purpose and mission. A program to create company wide engagement, ownership, growth, teamwork and the right conditions for a business where people thrive.

In this impact program you create within a timeframe of 10 days, a complete new ecosystem with the right conditions for employees and teams to take 100% control to grow, perform and matter together.

Strategical Alignment

Build an organization where people understand and feel to what mission they contribute, what values are important and what this means for them personally. It guides people to focus on doing the right things.

Individual Activation

Activate the authentic power of people, stimulate ownership and help to navigate on what they intrinsically need to grow, perform and matter. It improves the feeling of confidence, satisfaction and total results in the job role.

Culture & Conditions

Shape the right conditions (mindset, skills and process) and act on what matters most. It increases effectiveness, openness, clarity and mutual trust, so that people deliver the highest value to each other and clients.

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