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It is Josef Rodenstock who founded the company in Würzburg together with his brother Michael. In addition to spectacle lenses and frames, it also sells homemade measuring instruments.

After the breakthrough in the development of diaphragm spectacle lenses, equipment is also being developed for the personal fitting of spectacles.

Rodenstock sets new standards in 2018 with technology to measure the individual anatomy of the eye and transfer all individual data into the glass. In 2020 she will introduce the paradigm shift in the field of individual progressive lenses. Thousands of data points integrated directly into the new lens. This creates the sharpest vision for spectacle wearers when viewed from every angle.




Led by CEO Anders Hedegaard, Rodenstock is transforming into a MedTech company. They work hard to equip every person in need of correction with the sharpest eye sight. Rodenstock operates worldwide, has the Porsche Design frames in distribution and has more than 5000 employees.

Making BIG technology accessible to the whole world requires the willingness and ability to make a difference. Rodenstock asked The Playmakers to develop a leadership and business development program, within the contours of the new and reinforced values and principles (cultural aspirations) of Rodenstock.

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2020 - 2022

A first step towards realizing the goal was made with the DACH region. Initiated by the Vice President Sales and Marketing and driven by local core-team.

For the performance growth of the DACH region, the development has started on the vital business pillar “context” (culture). The first priority was to include the sales organization in the transition from product sellers to business partners. In doing so, we’ve started strengthening leadership which stimulates performance and development on the components “will” – intrinsic motivation as well as “can” – competences. All this within the changing cultural aspirations (values, principles and ambition).


The first milestone was achieved by developing the mind-, and skillset of the entire sales force. Teams became more aware that growth and development is a continuous process. 

Delivering value in a changing society and economic climate requires a new approach. The teams learned how to frequently reflect on the end result and plan improvement actions based on a fixed framework. 

Teams gave back, among other things, “a professional, interactive and solid program range, clear practical structure, directly applicable in practice”. 

In addition to an yearly increased turnover and market share, the self confidence of the total sales force increased enormously. Leadership has developed a broader scope on people oriented leadership and how to apply it. 

Next step

This approach is duplicated to role out in whole Europe. For the DACH business the second vital business pillar “DNA” is in progress. To support all level of leaders in the organization to act as a role model, living the values and principles in their daily job role.  


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