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It is ultimately Olivier Heyning and Andrea Candelli who, as a spin-off from the VU University Amsterdam, took the initiative in 2014 to found the life science tech company Lumicks.

Research in the field of single-molecule analysis with the technology of biophysicist Candelli formed the basis for the development of measuring equipment. This allows diseases to be observed (video) and measured at the level where they arise. A breakthrough for fundamental biological research and effective drug development.  


Under Heyning’s leadership, a successful translation was made to the market. With a subsidy in 2015, the first devices could soon be successfully produced. Few start-ups subsequently experience such rapid growth as Lumicks. In the early years, Lumicks doubled its turnover every year. In 2020, the company grew to more than 120 employees from no fewer than 28 different countries.

Building a culture that brings out the best in people and where the best people want to work for was the founders’ desire. Lumicks asked us to work together to make the values and principles concrete. And based on this, shape a process that further develops and strengthens the culture.

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job DNA









2017 - 2020


Job DNA & Engagement

  • DNA design with DNA impact canvas



  • DNA: create insight & symmetry: DNA Alignment teams


  • Drive: Dantefactor compass, Value Dialogue & trackplan are central for individuals



  •  training of lead playmakers


  • creating & sharing new knowledge & skills: data insights translated to action points



  • mentoring



  • Data insights & recommendations on next steps


Together with my co-founder Andrea, for me as CEO from day 1, what we did was as important as how we did it. The culture we wanted to build LUMICKS with had to be something that brings out the best in people and attracts the best people. With this in mind, I was looking for a way to make our values and culture concrete, and based on this, have a process that further develops and strengthens the culture. Enables people to work on their own passion within that culture, while also contributing to the development of culture as a whole.

I was also looking for a good process to effectively select candidates on cultural fit in recruitment. For us the ‘who’ is more important than the ‘what’, in other words the cultural fit to core values is at least as important as the experience or knowledge. If you work together effectively, knowledge gaps can be filled quickly. Not the other way around.

The Playmakers brought us this! First, we worked in a creative process to properly capture the vision and values of the founding team. Subsequently, by training Lead Playmakers and arranging the Playmaker model, we ensured that people worked on their own passion and commitment on a continuous basis, while we also further developed the culture at the entire level.

As a result, there is now a strong and intrinsic culture that enables us to scale further.

I would advise any scaling company to think carefully about your vision, culture and values early (with about 15-20 employees) and to institutionalize this through such a process. Only in this way can you scale in a strong and positive way. The Playmakers can support this trajectory like no other.

– Olivier Heyning, CEO Lumicks

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Europalaan 400
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