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Bluekens is a family business with a history of almost 200 years. Jaak Bluekens was at the base in 1824. He started as a contractor in Chaam.

It was mainly masonry. There were no cars in those days. The carpentry, bricklaying and building lasted three generations.

Until the first cars hit the road. Anton Bluekens, the grandfather of the current three owners, liked to tinker with motorcycles and started working with cars in 1928. The history of Bluekens continues according to the well-known father-to-son pattern, with other activities gradually being added.



This family business is all about passion, respect, quality, craftsmanship and trust. It’s not about how good we are, but how satisfied you are! Bluekens is currently a leader in mobility. Within the passenger car, Truck & Bus segment and in the development towards emission-free city logistics.

To remain current and relevant, it is important to keep up with society and to respond to the needs of the individual and the world. Bluekens wants to be a frontrunner in sustainable mobility and asked us to work with them on establishing a strengthened vision and mission. Laying a solid foundation for Bluekens EV and Bluekens Truck & Bus, so that the right conditions can be created for building a culture that people want to work in. And contribute to the ambitions of the company.

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2020 - 2022

Laying a good foundation for building a great work culture in which people take responsibility for results and growth. The starting position for the new Bluekens operating company.

Under the leadership of General Manager Gert Jan Jonker and General Manager Jaco Overbeeke, the start was made in January 2022.

For team Bluekens EV, the vital business pillar mission (DNA) was started. Retrieving the achievable impact of the company, mission, guiding principles and values.

A start was made by providing insight into the impact to be made of Bluekens EV, which principles are leading in this.

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