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We accelerate the Grand Pivot

A new reality has dawned, one where awareness is growing that prosperity depends on the quality of our connections: with ourselves, each other, our environment, and the world as a whole. The shift  towards a regenerative future that we call the Grand Pivot.

The Playmakers are convinced that the way how we stimulate growth and performance can and should be done differently. More focused on intrinsically activating and connecting with people, and facilitate them to take charge independently to grow, perform and matter in the job role”.

The Playmakers is a hands on performance and impact agency initiated by Jos van Snippenberg. In 2006 he started a scientific study that forms the foundation for the current working method. He unlocked the key factors for job performance, satisfaction and enjoyment. And what resources in the work context are stimulating them. In the following years this research, experiences and the refinement & development of tools and methods evolved in a renewed integrated approach. A new foundation to translate purpose and ambition into delivering positive impact for a better world through motivated and passionate employees: the Playmaker Model.

An impact success framework that includes scientifically supported and proven practical applications.

The Playmakers guides the realization of a healthy impact driven work culture with an integrated approach in the focus areas: mission, people and context. (DNA, drive & culture)

With our program of digital tools, techniques, education, training and consultancy services we work on our mission to make everyone matter and enable every individual to be a playmaker.

Why does the playmaker model work?

.our heartland is to make impact

The Playmakers started in 2016 to make positive impact in the world of work. Followed the standards of the B Corp certification until may 2023. Now the playmakers are more focussed then ever to help employees to feel meaningful, allowing them to want and be able to be the best they can be. 

We see our business as a force for good. In doing so, we want to make a positive contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. 

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With our international team we work on our mission to make every business transition – for companies or your individual career plan – a successful one.

Jos van Snippenberg .founder & CEO

Do you want to take part and become a playmaker yourself? Send us your open letter and lets have a talk.

Lars van Snippenberg .Identity Manager
Michelle Schrijnemakers .IT & Product development
Europalaan 400
3526 KS Utrecht

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