How you learn employees to become the best version of themselves

Imagine that you and your team are full of energy on a daily basis, that you take on every challenge full of enthusiasm and self-confidence and make an enormous impact in your work.

Always know what you need to make impact

The Dantefactor Compass ensures that you always know what you need to prevent that you are in a work rut. It keeps you sharp and signals changes so that you can quickly make adjustments if you are off track. You reflect and develop an in-depth understanding of the intrinsic catalyst for being effective and satisfied in your work.

A scientifically validated theory has been further developed into a personal leadership instrument.  With this you map out which personal and situational work factors stimulate your passion, belief in your own abilities and your motivation for growth in your work.

From the Compass to the Value Dialogue


The Dantefactor Compass is de basis for the personal leadership process; Value dialogue. This is a frequently held peer to peer conversation that is judgment-free and meant to unlock what is needed most to glow at work. It makes explicit what colleagues, teams and the entire company specifically need to live up to their full potential.

Experience how it works

Unlock how the Dantefactor Compass can bring your team or your business to the next level. The Dantefactor Compass is the key handle for the peer to peer personal leadership process value dialogue.

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