The Playmakers that’s us: an energetic, passionate and diverse team. Our lives crossed due to one common desire: make sure that employees can utilize their full potential.

The Founder

Jos van Snippenberg:

I have a background in the world of sales, consultancy and tough commerce. After I dropped out the MEAO-education (a Dutch medieval school in commerce and administration). I used dedication and self-education to climb the career ladder. Until I was turned down for a position because I didn’t have the right diploma. Years later, it became clear that that missed opportunity was my chance to step up and help others.

My ultimate driver as a Playmaker is to make sure that every employee is given the chance to show their full potential. It is my opinion that age and diplomas are not the only indicator for an employee’s performance, but rather a passion for the job, belief in oneself and the desire to grow.

How it started

 In 2014, Jos met through Twitter Maaike Huisman sharing the same article. It turned out that they were both interested in the same question: How can employees be given the chance to live up to their full potential?

At that time, Jos had designed the Dantefactor Compass, which he also had validated scientifically. The Compass is an online tool to determine intrinsic motivation, work effectiveness and work satisfaction. Maaike used the compass in her coaching practice, but thought it would be more better suited as an instrument for use in businesses.

And so it happened: in 2016, Jos initiated to start The Playmakers and Maaike joined. After the proof of the developed approach, Maaike decided in October 2018 to leave the company. Maaike returns as self employed and make an entrance in the world of systemic organising. Jos will make a relaunch and leads the next business phase. Soon we present our entire Playmakers team.

Would you like to know more about our approach? Feel free to drop us a line! We’d love that.