Our measurable contribution for a better world

Meaningful entrepreneurship

We want every employee to make full use of their talents. We help create the foundation for a working culture in which employees are encouraged to be the best they can be. The new pathway to higher impact and healthy business results.

Leading principles

In order to succeed we always dare to address what matters most for people and the business. Besides that we see receptiveness, courage, curiosity as the key value drivers in our business.


In everything we do we think about the environmental and social impact. For all decisions we have to make, we strive to improve a positive contribution to specifically:

Reducing waste

  • by recycling our paper, plastic, batteries, supplies and glass
  • by making conscious use of water, light and energy in our office
  • by traveling with bike, walking, train, bus, electric car over car travel with fossil fuel
  • by maximizing effort of working at home-office, sharing office and re-stored building office

Meaningful employment

  • Shaping conditions for ourselves and customers to make people more effective and more meaningful in their job
  • We strive for a constant Dantefactor in work
  • A minimum of absenteeism
  • Gender equality
  • Preference of local and fair trade purchase of resources

Co2 emission travel

In 2016 our travel emission was 7500 kilogram

Home office usage

In 2016, 30% of our time was out of our home office


In 2016 our own Dantefactor was around 87%

Recycling paper

In 2016 we dragged 3 kilogram of paper to the bin

Water usage

In 2016 we used about 150 liters of water


In 2016 we were just 2 days absent

*Dantefactor measures employee satisfaction, and their effectiveness in making impact. It is the degree of passion in work, self-efficacy and motivation to grow.


We screen all our suppliers, partners and customers if they do not harm the environment and the society. This is firstly screened by their genuine actions and secondly seen by good management practise with standards like: ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO 26000. We do prefer to purchase from suppliers who serve directly or indirectly underserved groups. So we encourage those suppliers to bring their offer under our attention.

Craftmanship and professionality

The Playmakers are committed to carry out all their work with the best possible resources to guarantee the highest delivery standard for our clients. We take maximum care of people and give full attention to the procedures used within the client. All our work will be evaluated with the client to guarantee a constant level of quality and satisfaction.


The Playmakers do have huge ambitions. In order to make big steps of progress we launched a “sound board”. This is a team of professionals who are supporting our ambitions. And provide The Playmakers solicited and unsolicited opinions and advice around the way we are doing business and deliver impact.

Ilse Vonk

Chief operating officer of YONI, energetic and passionate strategist with a love for social entrepreneurship. Ilse brought Dopper to their next stage in business. Ilse is with her decisiveness a great sparring partner.

Johan van den Elzen

Former Ceo of engineering firm Movares. A peoples person pur sang with an aversion against inappropriate “ego”. For years, Johan held Movares in a special way on healthy economic track.

Remarks, complaints, feedback or any information needed?

Via Twitter: @theplaymakersco, Facebook: ThePlaymakers. Call or write our team: Jos van Snippenberg +31 (0)6 52 41 8565